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Who Best Represents YOUR Democratic Values?

on the War in Iraq

Dan Lipinski Mark Pera

Lipinski supported the war in Iraq

Lipinski voted for a resolution opposing a timetable for withdrawal in Iraq. He also voted for a resolution that required a withdrawal when it is determined that U.S. national security and foreign policy goals relating to a free and stable Iraq have been or are about to be achieved.
[H Res 861, House Vote 288, 6/16/06; HR 2601, House Vote 397, 7/20/05]

Lipinski voted to spend over $360 billion on the Iraq war. Lipinksi voted to approve a total of $361 billion in funding for operations in the Iraq war. [HR 1268, House Vote 161, 5/5/05; HR 2863, House Vote 669, 12/19/05; HR 4939, House Vote 257, 6/13/06; HR 5631, House Vote 486, 9/26/06; HR 2206, House Vote 425, 5/24/07; Congressional Quarterly, 5/15/05; 12/23/05; 10/4/06; 12/16/06; 5/25/07]

Mark Pera believes Congress needs to begin bringing our troops home now

Mark believes that it is past time that we brought out soldiers home from Iraq.

Our men and women in uniform have met their responsibilities with honor and distinction, but by any measure or standard, the strategy for this war has been a failure and it's time to end it.

Mark believes that Congress should stand up to President Bush, bring our troops home within one year and cap funding to make it happen.

Click here to watch Mark explain his Iraq policy in detail.

on Choice for Women

Dan Lipinski Mark Pera

Lipinski opposes a woman's right to choose

Lipinski said before entering Congress, "I believe that life begins at conception." He believes abortion should be allowed only when a pregnancy threatens a mother's life -- no rape or incest exception.

In Congress Lipinski voted against a motion that barred fathers who have committed rape or incest against a minor, from being able to sue the doctor who performed the abortion.

Lipinski also voted against allowing overseas military facilities to provide privately-funded abortions for women in the military.
[Chicago Sun Times, 8/22/04; HR 748, House Vote 143, 4/27/05; HR 1815, House Vote 216, 5/25/05]

Mark Pera supports choice for women

Mark believes that women have the right to control their reproductive choice. Mark believes that abortion needs to be safe, legal and rare. Mark is a parent and the father of four children with his wife, Leslie, his college sweetheart.

Unlike Dan Lipinski, who believes that choice for women should be unlawful even in cases of rape and incest, Mark believes women must have the right to control their reproductive choices.

These rights are especially important if we are to protect a woman's right to privacy along with her personal right to choose.

on Stem Cell Research

Dan Lipinski Mark Pera

Lipinski opposes stem cell research

Lipinski was one of only fourteen Democrats who voted against allowing the use of federal funds in embryonic stem cell research derived from surplus embryos at in-vitro fertilization clinics.

He also voted to support President Bush's veto of the legislation. .
[HR 810, House Vote 204, 5/24/05; HR 810, House Vote 388, 7/19/06]

Mark Pera supports embryonic stem cell research

Mark believes that ideological driven politicians should not be allowed to stand in the way of life altering medical research. Embryonic stem cell research offers millions of Americans hope for a cure for many intractable diseases. Incredibly, Dan Lipinski is opposed to the expansion of federal funding for research, as one of only 14 Democrats in the House of Representative to take this extreme position. It is time we had a representative in Congress who represents our view on this critical issue.

Mark Pera fully supports the expansion of federal funding of stem cell research and will make his voice heard in Washington on our behalf.

on Energy and the Environment

Dan Lipinski Mark Pera

Lipinski voted for Bush's energy plan

According to the Federal Election Commission, Lipinski has taken more than $25,000 in contributions from energy companies. [Federal Election Commission]

Not suprisingly, Lipinski voted to authorize the Interior Department to hold a lease sale for oil and gas exploration, development, and production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska - a total of about 1.6 million acres of our natural resources!

Lipinski also voted with Bush for legislation that overhauled the nation's energy policy and provided approximately $8 billion (yes, Billion!) in energy-related tax incentives to energy companies

Lipinski later voted for the bill which contained $14.6 billion in tax breaks for energy companies.
[HR 6, House Vote 132, 4/21/05; HR 6, House Vote 445, 7/28/05]

Mark Pera believes we need to work toward energy independence and protect our environment NOW.

Mark believes it's criminal for Congress to allow big oil companies to determine America's energy policy, while Americans get robbed at the pump.

Mark believes it is critical that America establishes energy independence, while also addressing the environmental impact of energy production and consumption.

Mark also believes that global warming is a serious threat that must be addressed now.

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