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Congressman Lipinski running from his Iraq war record

For immediate release
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Media contact: Patrick Corcoran (847) 687-7579

Democrat Mark Pera on Wednesday called for Congressman Dan Lipinski to come clean on his Iraq war voting record.

In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Lipinski told the Chicago Sun-Times this week that he had voted for just two pieces of Iraq war legislation backed by President Bush.

"This year has been the deadliest yet for American troops in Iraq and yet elected officials such as Congressman Lipinski continue to back a failed Iraq policy. There is no end to this war in sight, much less a plan to end the occupation. One reason for this tragic state of affairs is that Democrats like Congressman Lipinski voted along with President Bush and the Republicans instead of doing the right thing and standing up to them," Pera said.

According to the Congressional record, Lipinski has voted for five Iraq war funding bills totaling more than $360 billion. Lipinski has never voted for, sponsored or co-sponsored a piece of legislation that remotely resembles a "timeline" bill. In fact, he has voted twice for resolutions that opposed setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.

For more information on Lipinski's Iraq war voting record, see the attached fact sheet.

Pera's newest campaign ad, entitled "It's Time," highlights how he would approach the Iraq issue. The ad features a series of people explaining their frustrations with the Iraq policy of Lipinski, Bush and Congress. It concludes with Pera explaining his belief that Congress should act now to bring all of our troops home within one year and cap funding to make it happen.

"It's Time" is among the very first - and boldest - statements against the Bush Iraq policy on the airwaves in the entire nation. It is available for viewing at www.PERA08.com.

Pera said it is shameful for an elected official like Congressman Lipinski to use the power of his office to commit soldiers and billion of tax dollars to the Iraq war and then, when challenged, misrepresent his record to the people who put him in office.

"Congressman Lipinski can try to run away from his record, but he can't run away from the facts. He has consistently voted with Bush and the Republicans on the Iraq war. This kind of weak Democratic leadership has helped drive public opinion of Congress to an all-time low. Voters went to the polls in 2006 for one reason above all others - to end the Iraq war. Congressman Lipinski has clearly failed those Democrats. Voters will remember that when they go to the polls on Feb. 5," Pera said.


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