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"It's time for Congress to end the war" - Pera screens new TV campaign ad

Tuesday, October 25, 2007
Media contact: Patrick Corcoran (847) 687-7579

Democrat Mark Pera today released to the media his new TV advertisement - "It's Time."

Click the arrow below to preview Mark's newest TV ad, "It's Time."
"It's Time" highlights Pera's views on the Iraq war and reinforces his message that we should bring our troops home and cap funding to make it happen.

With its emphasis on Congress' role in ending the Iraq war, the advertisement is the first of its kind in the country.

"The Iraq war is the defining issue in our campaign for Congress and we're giving voters a clear choice. I'm offering to voters real leadership in Congress to end this war and bring our troops home safely and quickly," Pera said.

The advertisement will debut on cable television on Oct. 29 throughout Illinois' 3rd Congressional District, which includes a number of southwest suburban communities and several wards on Chicago's southwest side.

Pera said the commercial speaks to voters who are fed up with the "more of the same" rhetoric they hear from the Bush Administration and Congressman Dan Lipinski, who has no clear plan to end the war and supports an open-ended commitment of U.S. troops to Iraq.

"Whenever President Bush needs a vote on Iraq, he turns to Dan Lipinski and gets it. Voters gave Congress a clear mandate in 2006 to bring this war to an end and our elected officials have failed to do that," Pera said.

"Congress shouldn't wait for the next President while more and more Americans pay the ultimate price. Congress needs to stand up to President Bush and say, 'Enough.' Dan Lipinski hasn't done that. I will."

The ad is available at- www.PERA08.com.

To reach Mark, please call (847) 687-7579 or (708) 579-2834.


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