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Bloggers Bringing Out the Truth

Bloggers locally, throughout Illinois and across the nation are demonstrating the national importance of our race. Their blogs emphasize the glaring differences between strong positions being taken by Mark Pera and he out-of-step voting record of Dan Lipinski. The comments attached to these pieces by readers show that voters support Mark and that they agree that it is truly time for a change in Illinois' 3rd Congressional district.

Recent Posts in Blogs Across the Country:

September 11, 2007 " IL-03: Lieberdem Lipinski teams up with Republican on Iraq," DailyKOS by KOS

"Get ready to hear a lot about this race. It pits challenger Mark Pera against incumbent Dan Lipinski -- one of the worst Bush Dogs, and one serving in a solidly Democratic district....
September 8, 2007 " Blue America: Meet Mark Pera (IL-03)," Firedoglake

"...Some time ago I started watching a suspiciously conservative-voting congressman in a very blue Illinois district, Dan Lipinski in IL-03, an area that includes southwest Chicago and mostly working class ethnic suburbs...

...To this day he hasn't bothered buying a home in the district. He rents half a duplex in Western Springs but mostly lives in his congressional office. And I mean that literally....

"A lot of members in this community have been excited about Matt Stoller's Bush Dog expose and call to action...

... Lipinski slipped into Congress in 2004 when his father retired. If his voting record is frighteningly similar to reactionary Tennessee congressmen like John Tanner, Lincoln Davis, Bart Gordon, and Jim Cooper, that's because the representative from IL-03 has spent the last couple of decades outside of Illinois, mostly living in Tennessee...
September 7, 2007 " Pera endorsed + full list of NDFA campaign events," BlogforAmerica

"Last night Northside DFA voted to endorse Mark Pera for Congress for the 3rd Congressional District. This means its time for us to to saddle up, 'cuz Mark is running against "Bush Dog" Democrat Dan Lipinski, and this will NOT be an easy race....
September 7, 2007 "Bush Dog Lipinski challenger Pera on-line Saturday and more," EricV on Open Left

"...Pera's campaign also has information up should you want to help collect signatures. Finally Pera has a great issues page. It is not complete, but I love the format highlighting the differences between Pera and Lipinski....
September 5, 2007 "Time for Dan Lipinski to Go Back To Academia," ArchPundit

"He's supposedly a Democrat, but he certainly fails the small D definition when he originally got the position by his father putting a fake candidate, Ryan Chlada, into the Republican nomination and then after the elder Lipinski was renominated, he bowed out and had his son placed on the ballot to replace him...
September 4, 2007 "Dan Lipinski has to go," a DailyKOS Diary

"Blue Dogs, Bush Dogs, call them what you want.
I consider myself a realist. I know that there are places where Democrats will have to be a little more right-wing on issues to get elected. That is fine with me. But, what really bothers me is someone like Dan Lipinski.

Lipinksi represents IL-03, and is the closest thing to a Republican, I have ever seen. His district is Democratic, on average Democrats recieve over 60% of the vote. We should have the most liberal member possible in this district...

August 22, 2007 "Opportunity to take on Bean, Lipinski ," Prairie State Blue

"Matt Stoller over at Open Left wants bloggers who can profile the Bush Dog Democrats who consistently vote for Bush policies. They want profiles on Bean and Lipinsky...."
August 22, 2007 "Mark Pera vs Bush-League 'Democrat' ," Don Reed on DailyKos.

"...And, unfortunately, there are also some alleged Democrats who richly deserve defeat.

One such 'Democrat in name only' is Representative Daniel Lipinski, (D-IL) incumbent, in the third district of Illinois..."
June 14, 2007 "IL-03: The right kind of primary challenge," DailyKos by Kos

"This should be a race to watch."
May 30, 2007 " Dan Lipinski, One of the 'McGovern 13,' Draws a Challenger," MyDD, Direct Democracy

"Dan Lipinski, one of the McGovern 13, has drawn a primary challenger. His name is Mark Pera, and his web site is here...

...Which one is the real Democrat? Which one should be representing a district that voted 59/41 for Kerry?"

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